Our clients include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food packaging companies
  • Furniture makers
  • Shopfitting and supermarket equipment manufacturers
  • Elevator, building and sliding machinery manufacturers
  • Metal manufacturers and electronic systems  companies

01 iso 9001 2008

A greek plastic's industry

Immense experience in the manufacture of plastic products and wheels

Our immense experience in the field of plastics production supplements our knowledge and virtuosity to produce quality plastic equipment, equipment for special applications and a wide range of plastic wheels of 100% Greek production.

Renovation and Quality Control

We monitor closely market requirements and invest in up to date technology and production models, we refurbish our production line with new equipment and apply quality control methods for the products and the satisfaction of customers.

Our production equipment is housed in an area of 1500sq. meters and cosists of injection machines from European manufactirers with a production capabilitu between 30 and 300 tones.

In a independent building it is housed our machine shop for the maintenance and repair of used matrices and construction of new year.

Manufacturing quality

Based on knowledge and a long experience employing suitable production equipment we guarantee the manufacture of high quality plastic products and wheels, time and use resistance at low cost.




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