Our clients include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food packaging companies
  • Furniture makers
  • Shopfitting and supermarket equipment manufacturers
  • Elevator, building and sliding machinery manufacturers
  • Metal manufacturers and electronic systems  companies

01 iso 9001 2008

The company

In 1960 Antoni Spanos and his associates created the Company with the initial scope to engage in manufacture of plastic molds. In 1967 they started producing plastic parts and plastic wheels.

In 1993 INTERPLAST was founded in Peania Greece by Yiannis Trikkas and Georgia Spanos continuing the activities of the previous company.

INTERPLAST, a solely GREEK Company, employing highly experienced individuals in the production of plastics and young people with knowledge and vision, has achieved a steady growth and is now well developed and established in Greek and European market.

In 2002 the Company obtained its ISO-9001 certification due its adherence to reliable production methods, the use of quality material and a stricy inspection program for all manufacturing stages.

In 2004, INTERPLAST inaugurated its own facilities in Keratea, Greece. Utilising a modern building of 1.500 sq.meters amidst a surrounding area of 10.000 sq.meters. , it has installed new machinery manufactured in Europe, thus acquiring the capability to produce plastic products at competitive prices and of high quality.

INTERPLAST is today continuing its growth and produces plastic wheels of various size and uses focusing in customer satisfaction.

INTERPLAST is producing wheels for supermarket trolleys, toolboxes, furniture stands, sliding mechanisms, and industrial parts, for maintenance crews, hospitals etc.

INTERPLAST also produces plastic articles on behalf of its customers that include pharmaceutical companies, food packing, shop fitting, elevator parts, electronic systems and accouterments for manufacturers of metal products.




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